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Video Production process break-down


Once we’ve established what the customer needs from us, we’ll move on to concept planning. 

Concept planning is where we go over the approach to the video and discuss with the customer the subject matter and important details that must appear in the video.

We also discuss how many on-camera interviews will be conducted; select interviewees and discuss information for contacting and coordinating each person.

After getting all of this information, we can move on to storyboarding.

The first thing is getting on the same page with the customer to make sure we’re producing what they need to meet their goals.  

This concept planning meeting typically only takes about 30-minutes to 1-hour and can be done in-person or over the phone, here is were we:

Outline the approach to the video (script writing, storyboarding and shooting)


Discuss with customer the subject matter and important details that must appear in the video (key messages and facts)


 Before the actual production, there are several steps that need to be taken. The first one is to assemble everything you’ll need during the shoot.

This can take anywhere from 1-2 hours. Preparations include:

-Create any necessary shot lists (based on the concept meeting)

-Prepare interview questions (based on the concept meeting)

-Prepare equipment (checking/testing the camera, lights, media cards, tripods,… etc.)


 Shooting day: This is usually the most obvious to people because we’re on-site, so what we do is on display.

This is a big part of the “it depends” aspect of things. How many video shoots will be required to capture what we need for the video?

Sometimes everything we need to shoot is in a single location and all available on the same day.

Other times there are multiple locations involved, someone critical to the video needs to be interviewed on a different day…etc.

As far as the shoot itself, here are some of the things we do: 

We visit each site to shoot everything on the shot list .

We also shot B-Roll (other shots) video relevant to the story 

 We interview predetermined people , but there are cases where additional resources are needed or requested.

For example, if you want three camera angles instead of one, then you’ll need another videographer. 

Most videos only require a single videographer, but there are cases where additional resources are needed or requested.

We helped coordinate things like additional videographers, sound technicians (operators), hair and makeup,…etc.

Adding professionals increases production costs


Post-production is where the magic happens.

This is where a lot of the time gets spent, but it’s also the area where all the details come together to make your project look like, well…a work of art.

It’s all about finding out what you want and making it happen.

It could take anywhere from 3-5 business days in most cases. 

Among other things that need to be accomplished in post-production are:

Logging Raw Video

Reviewing all the raw video that was shot

Transcribing sound bites from interviews

Script re-creation

Notes regarding sound bites and raw video are reviewed

Sound bites are selected and arranged into story form to re-create or finalize the script cording to the story being told

Final revised script is emailed to customer for approval.

Most changes are discussed by phone, with changes requested by the client being made as needed.

Once your edits are complete, we provide you with a preview of your finished product so you can make any last-minute changes before publishing.

Communication is essential so we can do our best to help you tell your story.

  About “DAY RATE”

How much does a 3-minute video cost?

It depends on how long it takes to produce.

If you want to know how much it costs to make a 3-minute video, the answer is always…it depends. 

The reason is simple:

we don’t charge by the hour because most of our customers don’t see all of the pre- and post-production activities that take place.

(travel time to and from the shoot, color correcting the video in post-production, and converting the files into something that can be used).

We charge by using a day rate, $1,200/day, or sometimes a half-day rate of $750.

It all depends on how much time we need to spend on a project (how many days), then we apply the day rate to come up with our total cost.

The most frequent questions we get are:

 How much does a 3-minute video cost? 

How much for a 2-minute video? 

How much for a 60-second video? 

Regardless of the video length, the answer is always… it depends… and here’s why:

Let’s use the 3-minute video as an example. 

The finished video might be 3-minutes, but each 3-minute video can vary greatly in how long it takes to produce. 

We’ve had 3-minute videos that took just a few days to produce costing about $2,000. 

We’ve also had a 3-minute video take nearly 2-weeks to complete costing over $6,000. 

It all depends on what has to be shot and how much time we’ll need in post-production.

“Day Rate” $1,200

“Half Day” $750

1-2 minute video can cost approximately between $1,000-$3,000.

It all depends on the style and the scope of the video.

Promotional, marketing or branding video can rage from $1,000-$3,000.

10 minute video can range between $2,000-$5,000.

Storytelling Low Cost Promotional Videos $500

 Do you need a promotional video to tell your story, but you’re on a tight budget?

MASON STUDIO is here to help!

We’re offering low-cost promotional videos that will help your business or organization stand out in the crowd, no matter what type of product or service you offer.

This type of video production is divided into three steps:

Step # 1: The Interview

We conduct a single interview with someone on camera, asking three to five questions. This will take about 30 minutes.

Step # 2: B-Roll (Raw Clips)

Consists of a series of raw clips that are usually shot around the business or organization that will add to the overall story.

This takes about 1 hour.

Step # 3: Post-Production

In this final step, the interview and collected video clips are edited together into a story ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute;

Then we’ll add royalty free music and a call-to-action as well as titles, subtitles, and any needed effects and transitions

  NOTE: Every creative rate will varies